Town Hall Brewery

July 20, 2015

One evening Samantha and I were looking for a place to grab a bite to eat. After thinking through the list of our usual restaurants, I suggested we take a trip into Minneapolis to try out the Town Hall Brewery. We’re suckers for a good patio on a beautiful summer night. I figured the craft beer on tap wouldn’t hurt either. We had never been there so we didn’t know quite what to expect.

Formed in 1997, Town Hall Brewery occupies a brick building near the heart of downtown Minneapolis. The interior looks fantastic and maintains a casual pub atmosphere. We sat outside but would definitely enjoy the inside in the cooler months.

After getting settled on the patio, we grabbed the tap list and made our choices. They had a handful of everyday taps, a huge selection of seasonals, and a good selection of guest beers as well. Samantha ordered a pint of their seasonal amber ale aptly titled The Pursuit of Happiness, and I ordered a seasonal flight. While we waited for our food and drinks to arrive, we enjoyed people watching and the very casual atmosphere. It really did feel like we were sitting in a small town enjoying the summer air.

The flight was made up of five 5oz glasses, and the first three were Independence Day themed. Those were titled Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness. Life was an Imperial Red Ale with 8% ABV. It was a reddish honey gold color, and had a nutty, flowery aroma. There was a faint alcohol taste along with a slightly sour hoppy flavor. Liberty was a Belgian White Ale. It was hazy with a golden wheat color. There was a citrus aroma and flavor, and had a mildly sweet taste. Pursuit of Happiness was a Blueberry Amber Ale, with a medium brown color. It had a faint blueberry aroma and taste, and a bright sweet flavor. Of the three the Liberty was my favorite, although Pursuit of Happiness used blueberry better than other beers I’ve had with that ingredient.

The final two beers in the flight were Hamlet’s Curse, an Old Ale, and Nuptial, a wedding Kölsch. Hamlet’s Curse was 8.1% ABV, and had a almost whiskey smell. There was a very prominent alcohol taste, with some malty notes and a dry finish. Nuptial was a nice finisher. It was smooth and easy drinking, with a wheaty malty aroma, and a quite sweet on the tongue.

Overall we had a great night at Town Hall Brewery. The patio was excellent, as was our food. The flight was very satisfying, and I can’t wait to come back to try some of their other seasonal beers as well as some of their main rotation. I would recommend this to anyone looking for a place to go in the city.

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