Pivovarský Dům

July 25, 2016

After our visit to Klášterní Pivovar Strahov we took a trip to U Fleků. Having brewed beer continuously for over 500 years it was great to visit. While they have a taproom akin to a german beer hall, they only brew a single style of beer so I didn’t feel a full blog post was necessary. After enjoying some excellent dark lager and tasty honey apéritif we strolled through Prague’s New Town to our final stop of the night, the craft brewery of Pivovarský Dům.

Pivovarský Dům was the first brewery that we researched in Prague and it was high on my list for places to visit. Their history is much shorter than you’ll find in the rest of Prague but establishing in 1998 still gives them more history than a majority of microbreweries back home. They have a restaurant as well which serves traditional Czech cuisine. We had some fried Moravian cheese but were still full from our dinner at U Fleků to try out any more of their food.

As we entered and took a seat near the door I noticed two copper fermenters sitting right next to some tables. They stood out against the black and white checkered tile, wood paneling, and green walls that decorated the remainder of the room. It was quiet, with a couple of families scattered throughout the taproom. It was quite the shift from some of the other places we’d visited in Prague’s Old Town which were dominated by a younger more lively crowd.

I was surprised to learn that they offered a flight of eight beers, which would be the only flight I’d find during our trip. The flight came on octagonal piece of wood with a paper wheel placed in the center to denote each of the eight beers they had on tap. Also nice was their wide range of styles, a welcome sight in a very lager heavy trip so far!

I began with a Wheat Beer and moved on to their Bock, Nettle Beer, Banana Beer, Dark Lager, Light Lager, Coffee Beer, and finished with their Sour Cherry Beer. I was very shocked to see a sour available and it was quite tasty with a great cherry aroma, a faint cherry flavor, while being only slightly sour. Each beer was enjoyable but the Nettle Beer stood out as my favorite. It was a complete surprise to me. It had a greenish yellow color with a sweet honey aroma. The flavor was bready and yeasty and while they didn’t have the style listed I believe it was a lager. It had some light sweetness and if I was forced to describe it to someone I’d say it was a honey lager. I hope to find a similar beer in Minnesota or maybe try and brew some myself!

While taking the tram ride back to our hotel I noted that it was our third brewery visit of the day and we had reached our limit for beers. I would’ve like to grab a pint or two of my favorites but I was absolutely at capacity. They rotate seasonal beers so they’ll be something fresh and new if you ever make the journey. As of writing this post they have a blueberry beer available, which is something I’m starting to see more of here in Minnesota, especially at our State Fair. While it can’t boast the history of some other locations in Prague I think Pivovarský Dům can boast some of the best craft beer I had in our entire trip. They’re a must for any beer fan that visits the city.

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