Lakeville Brewing Company

December 30, 2016

We are always looking for breweries that are closer to our home in the outer suburbs. So when we heard that Lakeville added two breweries we had to check them out. Then I learned they were next door to each other, how convenient! So we planned a weeknight to visit and headed to Lakeville Brewing Company.

The initial plan was to open a restaurant, but with the growing trend for craft beer the opportunity to open a brewpub was too hard to pass up. Hence, Lakeville Brewing Company was born. Glen and Kate Bruestle teamed up with Don and Megan Seiler to run the restaurant and brewery respectively. It opened in the old VFW Post 210 which required some extensive renovations to get to where it stands today.

Their goal is to be family friendly and I would say they hit their mark. The inside feels more like a restaurant than a brewery but once you spot the wood, metal, and fermenters you’ll be certain there is beer being brewed nearby. They’ve got a full menu and there wasn’t a person at our table that didn’t enjoy their meal thoroughly. I’d come back even if they didn’t have beer!

But how was the beer? I got a flight of four beers. It was served in a wooden box with the initials of each beer written on a small section of chalkboard paint. I’ve seen a lot of variations on this theme but I thought this one was particularly nice. Their Oktoberfest was sweet and malty with some really great flavor. The cream ale was light and refreshing, almost lager-like. Wet Hopped was just as you’d expect. It had a great fresh hop flavor with an aroma of strawberries. Samantha exclaimed “I guess I’m a wet hopped sort of girl.” That’s high praise for someone who doesn’t usually enjoy IPAs! Their regular IPA was pretty standard as far as they come, brewed well but nothing too crazy.

Lakeville Brewing Company faces some unique challenges. For the most part, people in the downtown area are accustomed to craft beer and are used to all the varied flavors that can arise. However, I’m sure for some, Lakeville Brewing Company will be their first time trying something outside of their comfort zone. Their challenge will be to straddle the line of approachable beers and unique styles. They aim to accomplish that by having a lot of beers on tap. This will allow them to serve a variety of beers and allow people to explore at their own pace.

If Lakeville Brewing Company continues to serve excellent food and brew tasty beer I think they have a home in Lakeville for many years to come. They’ve got a huge opportunity which I think is only aided by being so close to Angry Inch Brewing. I really think they’ll thrive together. If you’re from one of the southern suburbs and are looking for a place to eat or drink, head to Lakeville and give them a try!

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