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Flat Earth Brewing Company

January 28, 2019

We have a couple of friends that spend most of their leisure time exclusively in the Minneapolis area. Imagine our surprise when we received a text asking if we’d like to accompany them to a relatively under the radar brewery in St. Paul. They’d seen a photo of their patio on Instagram and they wanted to see it first hand. After meeting them at another brewery in Northeast, Minneapolis we headed to the Dayton’s Bluff neighborhood of St. Paul. Our ultimate destination: Flat Earth Brewing Company.

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HammerHeart Brewing Company

December 27, 2017

There are a couple of breweries that have been on my “must visit” list for a couple of years now. The issue is that they are usually a bit out of the way or may have beers that may not be that approachable. When my friend Mitch expressed that he had a night free and wanted to visit a brewery I realized that the stars had aligned. It’d be just us, two craft beer lovers always looking for something new. I was quick to suggest HammerHeart Brewing Company, and he was quick to accept.

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12welve Eyes Brewing

December 14, 2017

We haven’t taken this year’s Northern Ale Guide as seriously as we did last year. It’s looking like we’ll be lucky to finish half of the book, a far cry from the full stamping we previously notched. While snacking on delicious salsa at Pajarito in St. Paul our conversation naturally led us to where we should end our evening. It was only natural that we’d take a peak in the book and take the short drive to 12welve Eyes Brewing.

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Tin Whiskers Brewing

August 11, 2017

“I want pizza.” This was the response when I asked if we had any plans for dinner. Not an odd request, but when my wife said she wanted to try Black Sheep I mentioned we could kill two birds with one stone. We’d been to the brewery before but I’d never formally blogged about it. With camera in tow we made our way across the river to Tin Whiskers Brewing.

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Wenonah Brewing Company

February 25, 2017

After a night of drinking, a rare opportunity to sleep in, and a breakfast of french toast we hit the road. Because our next taproom wasn’t open until the afternoon we needed to kill some time. We made a day of it by visiting a couple of apple orchards (tasty hot cider and crispy donuts), ate lunch at the historic Hubbell House, got a very informative tour and beer samples from Tod Fyten at nearby Mantorville Brewery, and took in Winona from the Garvin Heights overlook. After a full morning working up a thirst we finally arrived at our destination: Wenonah Brewing Company.

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Harriet Brewing

August 15, 2016

Hoping once again to use our Northern Ale Guide and an expired Groupon we joined up with our friends Mitch and Megan to make a trip into Minneapolis for yet another weeknight brewery trip. This time we were headed to Harriet Brewing which is located in the Longfellow neighborhood of Minneapolis.

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Grand Rounds Brewpub

April 17, 2016

My family had planned to visit my brother in Rochester for Easter, and one of the choices for dinner was the Grand Rounds Brewpub. It was suggested as a good place for food but I was also curious about their beer. After driving down and spending the afternoon with family we made the short trip from my brother’s house into downtown Rochester for dinner.

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Nutmeg Brewhouse

February 29, 2016

In the middle of February our friends Mitch and Megan reached out to myself, Samantha, and our other friend Dustin to see if we wanted to meet up for drinks at the brand new Nutmeg Brewhouse. After some intense deliberation we decided that we could shift our schedules around and on a crisp Wednesday evening we made the trek south across the river to Burnsville, Minnesota.

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South Fork Brewing Company

February 18, 2016

Determined not to let another Groupon get to the final day of eligibility we decided to be more proactive with the next one. So I reached out to our friends Andrew and Katie to see if they’d like to accompany us to the South Fork Brewing Company. It didn’t take much convincing before we had something on the calendar! It was Delano native Katie who offered to drive and on an early February night we headed west.

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Bank Brewing Company

January 20, 2016

Earlier this month we took a trip to visit our friend Rachelle and her boyfriend Nick in Marshall, MN. We had planned to make the drive to nearby Hendricks and make a visit to the Bank Brewing Company while we were there. What we didn’t plan was the bitter cold temperatures and high winds, but Samantha winning the coverall bingo at the American Legion Post 113 earlier in the day softened the harsh weather.

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